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Selecting the right lanyard
The choice of lanyards, lengths, connectors, shock absorbers and features are endless. But they all do things for a reason. Never assume one product suits all your work asks. If in doubt ask a professional for advice.
When choosing the correct connecting device it is important you understand the limitations of each type and what your own functional requirements are within your work task.  The basic single lanyard offers the user a MAXIMUM of 2m of movement from the anchorage point and a choice of karabiners of connectors allowing you to connect directly to large objects such as scaffold tubes. Twin or Y Type lanyards allow the user to transfer from one attachment point to another without the need to disconnect, thus maintaining a 100% tie-off, making it ideal for climbing structures or when you need to move from one anchorage to another.

Waist Belt / Pole Strap
Rope Grabs
SAL Shock Absorbing Lanyard
PAL Shock Absorbing Lanyard
RAL Shock Absorbing Lanyard
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