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The RoofSafe™ Anchor and Cable System is a horizontal lifeline system that allows continuous uninterrupted access to all areas of a roof. It can span up to 40 ft. (12m) between anchors and provides continuous hands free versatility for users of the fall protection system.

The system can be used for either work restraint or fall arrest and can be installed on standing seam, composite and built up roofing systems and multiple flat roofing and membrane roofing systems. The RoofSafe™ Anchor can also be used as a single point of anchor for maintenance tasks in localized areas.

This system has now been combined with the DBI-SALA® evolution™ system to bring together two established and well respected horizontal lifelines while maintaining all the features and benefit of both systems.

DUTEST roofsafe-anchor_Page_01.jpg
DUTEST roofsafe-anchor_Page_05.jpg
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