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Chain Slings

We produce in accordance with the relevant British and European Standards as well as holding the ISO 9001:2008 Certificate for Quality Management Systems.

Dutest selects manufacturers that are internationally renowned for producing and supplying the very best chain products. Budget items can be a better idea when initially priced, however through experience when conducting bi-annual inspections, it is usually only the quality brands that pass inspection time and time again.

Chain slings can be provided in Standard Grade 8, Grade 10 & even Grade 12 for those specialist contracts.  Our works can manufacture bespoke chains to specific requirements with a vast array of components fitted to ensure the sling aids your lift for the intended purpose.  Our huge stock of sling components ensures we can manufacture chain slings same day.

We can usually supply any sling, at any size, at any time.

Call our sales team to discuss 01268 281534

Things to consider when choosing your chain sling


Always consider your method of lifting. 

How you intend to sling the load?

Will you use designated lifting points or does your lift plan desire a bespoke lift solution. We're here to help if you wish to discuss.

How many legs you will you need?

With  shortening grabs, a four leg chain can cover a multitude of applications, however always considering the SWL decrease when using less legs.

What Grade chain would benefit your operations?

Grade 10 & 12  will offer durability and further weight reductions.

In some instances, weight can be critical, especially on controlled weight environments

Use the sling guide to help you find the appropriate application for your lift plan. 


Higher grades of chain offer increased load capacity however can be significantly more expensive.  In our experience, higher grade chains commonly pass their inspections year on year.

Decide the length of the chain sling.  The option to add shortening clutches or grabs can provide a sling to manage all centre of gravities and various load dimensions.

Finally with all the above considered, take a look at the many different components that can be fitted to your chain.  If you're unsure, please call us and we will be happy to discuss the best items for your configuration.

Dutest are proud to be

Partners of Choice

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Click the links below to view the loading charts and Vast range of components

Grade 8 Components

Grade 10 Components

Grade 12


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Please call our sales team for Grade 12 components. 

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