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Trucks, Trollies & Skates

Dutest have the ability to provide bespoke items to our clients.  We stock the most utilised items for hire, however if you cant see it here, give us a call.  We will do our upmost to source the correct equipment for your application.

Flatbed Turntable Truck

Flatbed turntables are used for moving heavy loads around site both inside and outside. They are built from high quality mild steel and they feature a kingpin and friction plate steering mechanism to provide smooth turning capabilities and have an 18mm plywood bed to support almost any type of load.  We have a vast rage of options available with these, please ask should you have specific requirements.

Four Wheel Board Trolley

Large board trolleys will carry boards up to 3050mm x 2550mm. They have 2 fixed castors and 2 swivel castors to help control the unit when it is ladened with heavy loads. We offer both rigid backed and removable backed trolleys.

Pipe Skate

Pipe skates are primarily used in the building industry for moving long lengths of pipe around site. Our pipe skate can come with solid wheels as standard, but can be fitted with pneumatic wheels

Two Wheel Board Trolley

upright board trolleys are used to manoeuvre boards over rough ground. They also take up less space than our large board trolleys making them better for loading in to work vans for use on site. It's 2 wheels provide a centre pivot point for 360 degree on the spot rotation for either end of the trolley

Standard Sack Truck

Sack trucks are an important tool for any work place and we offer a wide variety to cope with any situation. Our plate shoe sack trucks range from lightweight to heavy duty with a range of handle types and wheel options.

We have a number of trolleys designed for moving timber and tyres as well as balance trollies, table trollies and pallet trucks

Stair Climbing Sack Truck

Sack trucks are an important tool for any work place and we offer a wide variety to cope with any situation. Our stairclimer sack truck is designed to climb kerbs and stairs

Load Moving Skate set

These universal heavy load moving systems have been designed for the safe and cost saving transport of loads up to 100 tons. Individual configuration of steering and rear skates also allows higher capacities. transport of heavy loads (e.g. machines, construction parts, steel structures) is normally made with a stable three point loading system.

Pallet trucks

For the professional transportation of palletised goods and box pallets under demanding conditions, Dutest ensure we only stock premium brands of pallet truck for our hire fleet. 

The Pfaff range feature frame and forks in robust steel construction, adjustable connecting rods, especially hardened axles and the high quality powder coating ensure a long life expectancy.  

We offer a vast range of alternative options, from high lift, self weighing, long, all-terrain, pneumatic, short & wide.

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