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Rotating Lifting Point

The RLP has a dismountable D-ring to enable assembly
of roundsling, master link or hook directly onto the
lifting point. The disassembly of the RLP is an easy turn
of the D-ring, no tools are needed.
RLP has a hexagon screw to make it easy to
disassemble/assemble with a wrench. The bolt
is also clearly marked with information such
as working load limit, mounting torque and
manufacturer ID so it’s always available to the
operator. The RLP rotates 360° and pivots 180°,
making it strong, flexible and reliable.
As with all Gunnebo Industries products,
each RLP sold have been proof loaded
to 2.5 times the working load limit and
visually inspected by a competent person.
This is by far the safest method to detect
sub-surface cracks and heat treatment
irregularities. We don’t gamble with
the safety!

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