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Crane Fork
adjustable forks

self balancing

Our choice of many variants - complete with safety net. The prong spacing can be adjusted manually from 450 mm to 950 mm. 

These self levelling forks evenly distribute the load by the use of a compression spring.
The working height is adjustable by the vertical mast pin from  1570 - 1830 mm.

Block Grab

Scissor Action

Specifically designed and developed for the UK market to lift palletised brickloads (Note: bricks must be securely bound).

Suitable for handling all types of concrete products such as slabs, steel-strapped bricks, blocks kerb stones and paving blocks.

Fitted with an automatic "open/close" device that enables a single operator to stack or  un-stack palletised bound loads. 

Lined with hard rubber pads to minimise damage to the load.

Fork Truck

Hook Attachment

Our forklift load hook can quickly convert your forklift into a mobile crane.

Designed with heel pins to secure the unit behind the forks. 

Available in 2t, 3t & 5t versions.

Fork Truck

Extendable Jib Arm

Our heavy duty telescopic jib, extends in 7 increments. The heel pin features fixed the unit securely to the fork truck.

• with a swivel loading hook
• in two versions for various load capacities

*Always refer to your fork truck load centre chart to determine your Safe Working Load.

Access Cage

Our choice in access.  A crane and fork option in one will offer two man access in a secure method. 

Or flat pack?  Need to transport the cage in a box van? We provide fold down versions for situations where storage can be difficult.

Speak to our sales team with regards to the larger alternatives.  There are many to choose from.

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