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Ball Bearing Lifting Point

The BLP is a very versatile lifting point and can safely
be used for most applications. The ball-bearings in the
BLP allow the load to be rotated during the lift, which is
especially good when maintenance is needed on heavy
tools and other types of equipment.
If the load surface is sensitive to impacts or scratches, the
BLP is a good choice as it builds out from the load which
makes it less likely that the lifting equipment will come in
contact with it causing damage.
The housing of the BLP has a hexagon shape for easy
mounting and dismounting.
As with all Gunnebo Industries products, each BLP sold
have been proof loaded to 2.5 times the working load
limit and visually inspected by a competent person. This
is by far the safest method to detect sub-surface cracks
and heat treatment irregularities. We don’t gamble with

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