The blocfor™ 1.8A ESD is based on the latest textile strap automatic fall arrest generation from Tractel®. Its strap made of aramide 15 mm wide and 1.45 m long enables a useful deployed length of 1.80 m. This "A" version allows to hook the reel up the structure's anchorage.

This new B1.8A ESD brings several significant improvements :
- The housings in polyamide charged in ABS fibber are resistant to wear, impact, abrasion and ageing,
- ESD energy dissipator
- Design consistent with the new stylistic line of the Tractel ® blocfor™ similar to B10 AES, B6 ESD and B5 ESD.

The B1.8A ESD enables terrace use with more aggressive sharp edges where the radius can go down to 0.5 mm. It complies with the EN360 standard and the specifications of VG11 CNB/P/11.060 of 2009.

Tractel Blocfor™ 1.8A ESD